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Originally developed in Japan, ductless AC systems were crafted to address the need for efficient heating and cooling in space-restricted environments. Over the years, advancements have made these systems a compelling choice for homes and businesses alike, offering a viable alternative to traditional central ducted systems.

Operation and Components

In a ductless AC system, a condensing unit, housing the compressor, is positioned outside the premises. This unit circulates refrigerant to create the desired cooling effect. The latest breakthrough, inverter technology, empowers the compressor to function at various speeds. Unlike traditional systems, ductless units start at full speed only when heating or cooling is required. The refrigerant from the outdoor condensing unit is directed straight to an indoor unit installed on the wall or ceiling of a specific room.

Controlled via a remote, ductless systems offer a range of functions, including temperature adjustment, mode selection, timers, and more. Modern ductless AC units integrate a temperature sensor in the remote, commonly known as "I FEEL." This innovation enhances comfort by sensing the room temperature at the remote, rather than higher on the wall. Some units also provide optional wall-mounted controllers for added convenience.

While a ductless system boasts numerous advantages, homeowners with existing ductwork may find a ducted system more cost-effective and comfortable. Consider the following benefits and considerations of a ductless system:

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