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Elevate your heating system with Five Lions Heating & Cooling's comprehensive boiler services. Our expert technicians are adept at installing, maintaining, and repairing boilers of various brands. Trust us to ensure your boiler operates efficiently, providing reliable warmth for your home or business throughout the year.

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Expert Design and Installation

Boilers play a crucial role in providing warmth and hot water for homes and businesses. They circulate heated water through radiators and in-floor systems, ensuring consistent comfort. However, maintaining and optimizing a boiler system requires expertise.

The effectiveness of a boiler hinges on its initial design and installation. At Five Lions Heating & Cooling, we specialize in crafting and retrofitting intricate hydronic boiler systems. Boilers offer versatile heating solutions, making them ideal for various applications, from space heating to supplying hot water.

A Time-Tested Heating Method

Boilers, one of the oldest forms of heating, find applications in both residential and commercial spaces. They excel in scenarios where even heat distribution is paramount, such as radiant in-floor systems or buildings with multiple zones.

Modern boilers, like those from brands such as Navien, Viessmann, and Rinnai, boast impressing rating of 90-97% A.F.U.E.. These units are designed for flexibility in mounting and venting, offering options like wall-hung, floor-mounted, and side-wall venting.

Boilers from manufacturers like SlantFin and Weil Mclain provide reliable performance with A.F.U.E. ratings of 80-85%. These units cater to various venting requirements, including direct and chimney venting.

Boiler technology has evolved significantly, featuring sophisticated staging and digital control systems. In residential settings, aqua stats regulate operations, while commercial setups employ intricate local controls.

Boilers allow homes to be divided into zones with individual thermostats, ensuring precise control over heating. This results in even temperatures, reduced dust, and allergy-friendly environments.

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Maintenance is Key

Boilers thrive on a steady water supply. Ensuring safe water levels is crucial for their operation. Five Lions Heating & Cooling provides thorough inspections and necessary repairs, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Warm up your home or business with a top-quality boiler from Five Lions Heating & Cooling. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Our Boiler Services

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Efficient and precise installation for seamless heating. Trust our experts for a warm, comfortable space.

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Swift, expert repairs restore your boiler's function. Stay warm and worry-free with our reliable service.

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Regular maintenance ensures your boiler runs smoothly. Optimize performance and extend lifespan.

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