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High-Efficiency Boilers

Explore our range of high-efficiency boilers, including renowned brands like Navien, Viessmann, NTI, and Rinnai, boasting impressive ratings of 90 – 95% A.F.U.E.

Guided Installation Process

Our expert technicians will be your partners throughout the installation journey. Follow these straightforward steps for a seamless experience:

Convenient Booking: Schedule a visit with Five Lions Heating & Cooling at your preferred time.

Detailed Assessment: Receive a comprehensive evaluation of your home's heating needs and explore boiler options tailored to your requirements.

Scheduled Installation: Coordinate a suitable installation date with your dedicated Five Lions Heating Advisor. Gain access to essential information about your new boiler system and our Customer Support Team for any queries.

Safety Protocols: Before commencement, we'll provide crucial safety instructions, prioritizing your well-being.

Professional Installation: Our highly trained technicians will install your new boiler system, ensuring your comfort and safety. We'll contact you beforehand to guarantee a smooth process.

Five Lions

Receive a thorough explanation on how to operate your new boiler system and controls.

We leave your home spotless, handling the responsible disposal of all waste, including the old boiler.

Post-Installation Support

Opt for our comprehensive annual maintenance packages, encompassing service, repairs, and warranty coverage for your newly installed boiler system. Enjoy 24/7 support from our dedicated Customer Service Team.

Dependable Boiler Installations, Unmatched Comfort

Choose Five Lions Heating & Cooling for a trustworthy and professional boiler installation service, tailored to meet your residential or commercial needs. Book with us today for a complimentary quote on your new installation!